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Babuline Gripe Water's 80-year history dates back to the time of the British Raj. A product that was once started to oppose the ruling British, has now established itself as one of the leading gripe waters in the Indian market. Babuline, a herbal syrup, is primarily recommended for babies and infants to facilitate digestion and prevent colic pain caused due to indigestion. At the moment, Babuline is sold in Turkey, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Latvia.


INGREDIENTS (Each 5 ml contains)
• Variyali Tel (Aniseed Oil) - 0.00075 ml
• Suwa Tel (Dill Oil) - 0.000375 ml
• Jira Tel (Caraway Oil) - 0.000375 ml
• Pudina Sat (Menthol) - 0.5 mg
• Aqueous Sugar Base

USD 0.55

135 ml plastic bottles
120 plastic bottles per shipper
Shipper dimensions: L = 39.5 cm; B = 33.5 cm; H = 31 cm; Weight = ~21 kg
20' container can fit up to 650 shippers = 78,000 bottles

Terms are Free on Board ("FOB").
Delivery period between 30 to 60 days.

50% payment upfront along with purchase order. Remaining payment upon receipt of shipping documents.

We are always looking to launch Babuline and babyMAX in new markets. For export enquiries please contact us.

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