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B. A. & Brothers (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd. and Babuline Pharma Pvt. Ltd. have been associated with the Pharma industry for over 100 years. Both companies are well known for its product, Babuline Gripe Water. Babuline is a well known and popular brand that has been selling in the market since 1928. Both companies are also involved in the distribution business of Pharma and diagnostics.

Babuline is prepared using three carminative oils - dill oil, aniseed oil and caraway oil. In addition, sodium bicarbonate, menthol, sugar and water are added. Babuline is made using the highest quality ingredients. Babuline is approved by Food and Drug Administration Maharashtra State.

  • Babuline is being sold since 1928, 85-year old brand

  • Babuline is the leading gripe water brand in Gujarat

  • Babuline is now available in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur and Maharashtra. Looking for super stockists and stockists for other states

  • B. A. & Brothers (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd.
    completed 100 Years in 2012
    In 1912, Shri Bhavanishankar Atmaram Oza (B. A. Oza) started B. A. & Bros. in Mumbai. In 1928, during the Swadeshi Movement, Babuline Gripe Water was born to replace Woodward’s Gripe Water, a British brand. Dr. Jivraj Mehta gave the formula of Babuline to B. A. Oza. The Company started to distribute the products of Geigy & Anglo French Drugs at Mumbai and Ciba & Anglo French at Calcutta. Branches were opened in Patna, Cuttack and Guwahati.
    Babuline is being exported to the following countries –
    • Turkey

    • Latvia

    • Hungary

    • Slovak Republic

    • Malaysia (registration on-going)
    Please contact us for import / export enquiries.
    Babuline Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
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    Mumbai - 400001 India
    Tel: +91-22-22611345
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